Top 10 Signs Of An Online Scam Casino Site

Top 10 Signs Of An Online Scam Casino Site

1) Flashy Website

The casino website has a flashy page with no relevant content and is filled with images or redirecting links. These sites are generally what scammers do as they’re cheap to build and easy to get rid off.


2) Confusing Details

Confusing details of an online casino site are a sure sign of a possible scamming site. Always go through every page before making a deposit.


3) Overseas Transfer

If they ask you to transfer cash to overseas accounts. Just don’t because you’ll never see your money coming back any time soon after that.


4) No Replies

They do not reply you up to a certain extent. Whether it may be after a deposit or a long inquiry, scammers wont entertain something that they cannot profit off or already made profit from.


5) Foreign Language

If a foreign contact talking to you as a site representative, chances are, they’re out to con you out of your cash. It even applies to people who do not communicate fluently as a casino representative.



6) Forceful Communication

Forcing you to commit and aggressively persuading you to transfer cash into their account is a clear sign of someone who cannot be trusted. Ignore them to spare yourself trouble.


7) Reported Bank Account

Some countries, you’re able to track bank account numbers and find out whether they’re been reported or not. Never deal with accounts that have a criminal history.


8) False Address

If the address doesn’t exist on the internet, pretty sure their casino organization doesn’t exist as well. Caution fake addresses.


9) Does Not Accept Calls

Normally all trustworthy online casino agents accept all calls. If the number does not respond to your multiple calls, try avoiding them at all cost.


10) Asking Personal Details

If the contact is out to get your personal details such as ID number or information that are not required to have money transferred into your account,  avoid handing them the information and prevent fraud.



If you like more of these tips, check out http://www.rouletteonline.net/online-casino-scams/oceans-online-casino/ for a historical treat on Oceans Online Casino Scam.

Wukong, Action-Packed Slot Game

One of the Best GAME : WU KONG

Looking for an online gambling game but bored of spinning reels and random lights? You should really try out Wukong in SCR888 online casino Malaysia! First developed in Taiwan, Wukong is a different breed of game that combines the defectiveness of rolling slots and attractive animation and sound effects. The game quickly found its way into gambling dens in Malaysia where it became one of the most popular games in the industry. Recognizing its potential, SCR888 online casino Malaysia has made a mobile port of Wukong, enabling players around the world to enjoy the game anywhere and anytime from their smartphones and computers.

What is SCR888 Wukong?

You play the legendary Wukong as he speeds from challenge to challenge, fighting demons. Attractive graphics and exciting sound effects completely change the way this slot game plays.

In phase one of the game, players will be given the opportunity to spend coins to power up their “ally tiles” of choice. Completing this step then game shifts into phase two and Wukong starts flying around the world, with plenty of entertaining animation and quirky dialogue thrown in. In this phase, touching the screen will set off the circular “reel” which then starts to go round the “ally tiles” that’s arranged around the screen before randomly stopping on one. Points are then awarded to the player’s total score, the amount of which is a base point value multiplied by how many power-ups that “ally tile” had been given in phase one.

Eventually, Wukong will encounter various baddies which shifts the game into phase three: combat. Fully animated and plain fun to watch, combat in Wukong is a joy to watch, with plenty of special effects and animations that empower the character’s special powers and hand-to-hand skills. Using the same rotating reel from phase two, the techniques and powers that Wukong uses is where the slot elements come in again. Touching the screen sets off the circular ‘reel’ that spins around before randomly stopping on a tile, and the power of an attack is determined by the final combination of tiles multiplied by the number of power-ups the tile had received in phase one.


How Do I Start Playing Wukong SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia?

It’s simple – start off by registering an account with us at livemobile22.com. Follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’re registered the next step is to download  into your phone. The game will be ready to play immediately.

A word of caution, though – there are many scammers out there that pose as official representatives of SCR888. Always do a background check on the service provider in question – a quick search engine search can tell you if anyone’s had a bad experience with a specific provider, or you could ask friends who play SCR888 online casino games for their feedback.

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